Mountain Beauties

He is very friendly and always willing to listen and accept a wide range of ideas for the photoshoot.
he’s a professional photographer but still humble, I have great respect for him.
I once gave an idea for a photoshoot with the theme of Mythology character. finally we did it.
I as  medusa, a character that I always wanted to do the role. thank you for giving me the opportunity to be Medusa and as your model.
We are exchanging ideas and sharing of our respective art. I learned so much from him. it was very nice working with him. Bravo Jim!




Patrice Delmotte

I worked with him the first time in 2009, his photo is on the theme of movement for the exhibition.
while working with him I learned a lot about lighting. He teaches a lot about where it should be light in photography.
he also possessed a high idealism in his photography.
one style but can be recalled from its observers.
I continued to study and learn. thank you for giving me the opportunity to become one of your models. and thank you for being a teacher about the lighting and photography techniques, I really enjoyed working with you!